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Serge ROUÉ

Serge Roué was born in Brest in 1974 and is a graduate of the Institut d’Études politiques - Institute of Political Studies (Rennes). He set up Faits et Gestes with Cédric Leux in 2003, after several years’ experience in external relations for France Culture, then with the writers, Jean-Claude Izzo and Michel Le Bris, with whom they developed the Étonnants Voyageurs festival in Saint-Malo and abroad. At the request of Olivier Poivre d’Arvor, in 2008 he took over the management of the Marathon des Mots international literary festival in Toulouse, setting up the April and Autumn Marathons as well as Brussels and Tunis Marathons, whilst also handling programme planning for other cultural events from Brive (Foire du Livre) to Le Havre (Le Goût des Autres). 

He produced the events commemorating the 50th anniversary of Hervé Guibert‘s birth and collaborated with Vincent Josse on the boxed set of recordings entitled “Hervé Guibert, l’écrivain-photographe” (Hervé Guibert, photographer and writer) (Editions Naïve/Radio France), Grand Prix de l’Académie Charles-Cros 2009.

He is passionate about literature, cinema and theatre and has devised and managed numerous literary evenings and entertainment on the works of Michel Foucault, Françoise Sagan, Marguerite Duras, Romain Gary and Patrick Modiano.

In may 2021, he was distinguished " Chevalier de l'ordre des Arts et Lettres " by Roselyne Bachelot, french Ministry of culture.


Laurent Delarue was born in Rennes in 1974 and specialises in communications, particularly press relations. As a School of Communications graduate, from 1998 onwards he worked in several press offices in Paris, which led him to work in the music sector (Sony BMG, Alias, etc.), the media (launch of websites for magazines in the EMAP Group) and in new technology sectors. He also played a part in setting up and developing an association dedicated to launching and promoting young artists in the music, photography and video sectors.

He has been Deputy Director of Faits et Gestes and Associate since 2007. He is in charge of development and coordination of communications, media relations, social networks and partnerships for the festivals and projects of Faits et Gestes.

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Virginie QUESTE

Born in Lens in 1994, Virginie Queste studied communication and soon started in the cultural sector. She first worked at the Palais des Beaux-Arts in Lille and then joined the publishing house Gallimard and the press department of Payot & Rivages publishing house. She specialized in the organization of cultural and literary events by joining Fnac (Salon Fnac Livres, Prix Goncourt des lycéens, Prix BD Fnac France Inter, La Claque Fnac). In 2021, she organized the launch day of the Partir en Livre event on behalf of the Ministry of Culture. In February 2022, she joined the Faits et Gestes team and works on events’ production. 


Born in Toulouse in 1994, Louis Sergent studied marketing and communication. After several professional experiences abroad, he starts in the medias by joining Radio France, the French national radio group. In the communication department, he is part of the press and public relations’ team and particularly involved in the company’s development on social media. Interested in the publishing industry he joins the Éditions Saint-Simon, in 2020, in charge of editorial and communication projects. In 2022, Louis started at Faits et Gestes as press secretary, willing to take part in initiatives that make culture accessible to the most people. He participates in the communication of cultural events all around the country.

Faits et Gestes also collaborates on a regular basis with external service providers, such as the writer and dramatist, Guillaume Poix for preparing readings and large literary and artistic gatherings, the graphics design agency, Slumberland and the freelance graphics designer, Sarah Pom, as well as numerous presenters for literary festivals and events.

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