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Festival Culurissimo / Tim Dup


With the support of its network of over 220 “Espaces Culturels” run by high quality booksellers, the French retail group E.Leclerc is in the forefront when it comes to promoting books and reading. Every year, under the driveof Michel-Édouard Leclerc, writers and publishers are awarded prizes, as judged by booksellers, aided by writers and, in some cases, by readers too, through the Prix Landerneau book awards (novel, comic book, crime novel and children’s categories).

In agreement with this commitment to books and reading, members of the E.Leclerc retail group also invest considerable effort in Culturissimo, a festival gathering fifty or so literary and musical events and activities (readings, performances and concerts) in theatres and cultural venues throughout France.


Photo: Tim Dup on stage at the Gaité Lyrique arts centre in Paris at the launch of the 2018 Culturissimo festival. | © Christophe Meireis